Mini Rex

Our journey with Mini Rex started when I was in 4-h and began anew once I returned from college.  My name is Justin Lowe and since August of 2006 I have been back in the hobby of raising Mini Rex rabbits. I started raising rabbits in 1997 but when I left for college the rabbits were sold. Mini Rex were the first breed I got back into and the main breed in my barn until my wife and I were married.  

Most of my initial stock comes from Sandy Burkert and Rick Cartheuser of Indianapolis, but I also have some of Maple Kelly's and Deanna Chapman's lines in my barn. If you are interested in anything specifically let me know.  Even if it is not listed for sale I usually have rabbits on hand.

I specialize in the self varieties and specifically enjoy Blue and Chocolate, but raise Black, Blue, and Chocolate. We also have opals(I know that makes little sense with the selfs, but I like them so I have them).  Occasionally I will get popouts in other colors and those are typically for sale.

ARBA Convention Indianapolis                                                                                                     Best Opposite Sex Variety Chocolate

Midland Michigan Nationals Results include:
Best Opposite Sex Variety Chocolate

ARBA Convention San Diego
Best of Variety Chocolate

Fort Worth Texas Nationals Results include:
Best of Variety Black and Best of Variety Chocolate

2010 Show Results:  We got married I really don't remember having time to show.                                  2009 Show Results: 1 Best 4 Class 7 Best of Breed 3 Best Opposite Sex
2008 Show Results: 1 Best 4 Class 1 Best of Breed 2 Best Opposite Sex
2007 Show Results: 1 Best in Show 5 Best of Breed 7 Best Opposite Sex