Welcome to Rustic Run Rabbitry:

***NOTE We are in the process of creating and uploading a new website.  If you cannot find something on our website send us an email or call as most likely it has not been uploaded yet.  Thank you***

We are Justin and Danielle Lowe from Dunkirk, Indiana.  Both of us have been very involved with rabbits since our grade school years, albeit in different breeds.  Justin has raised many different breeds including: Holland Lops, Florida Whites, New Zealands, Tans, Rex, and Mini Rex.  Upon graduating from the University of Notre Dame he found his way back into raising rabbits specifically picking back up the Mini Rex rabbits.  Danielle has raised Netherland Dwarf, Florida White, New Zealand, and Satin rabbits, but more recently has focused on the New Zealand and Polish breeds.  In the fall of 2010 we were married and are now working together on Mini Rex, New Zealand, and Polish.

Both of us share a passion for youth, working in support of the Team Indiana Youth and for raising rabbits and currently hold ARBA judge's licenses.  If you would like to book us for your next show just shoot us an email.